Fayette County Republican Party

Trump Bashing

America needs “leaders who act honorably in our interest” and we certainly don’t have that in the current White House administration. 

Trump Bashing

According to Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Victor Davis Hanson, “The Democratic Party vanished sometime in 2020. It was absorbed by hard-left ideologues bent on radically altering, or hijacking, existing institutions to force radical, equality-of-result agendas that otherwise do not earn majority support.”

The Country is Collapsing

Since Biden’s first day in office, the Democrats have worked diligently to undo Trump’s successful policies. Biden’s legacy to date has been failed policy by executive orders—against the will of the people. The country is collapsing.

Trump Bashing: a Destructive Mindset

The two letters in last Friday’s Record declaring Trump “unqualified to be President” and getting what he ‘deserves” are examples of the destructive Democrat mindset—refusing to take responsibility for failed Democrat policies. Democrats in our state capitol demonstrated this same lack of responsibility by listening to testimony promoting gender-transitioning therapies and walking out of the room, refusing to listen to testimony from an individual who had suffered through the very therapies being promoted. Apparently, they did not want to be challenged by facts or experience. Our legal system is not being “undermined or overturned” by Republicans but by liberal, Soros sponsored, Democrat judges and Attorney Generals.

trump bashing

I think the Dems fixation on Trump represents their fear and jealousy of what he was able to accomplish as a political outsider willing to take on the role of President, in spite of the hurdles and distractions they fabricated.

Trump's Policies Helped

I think there are many Republicans who don’t want Trump back in the White House. But, there is no denying many of Trump’s policies helped American citizens live independently as opposed to Biden policies that are mandating inefficient energy, threatening financial and national security, and advocating for special interests—all in the name of “fairness.”

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